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Welcome to our contact us page, we’re glad you’re here. When you contact our team through our website, you can know that your call is very important to us. You will not get stuck waiting in a long queue line and you will always talk with a real person. One that knows metal structures through and through. Here is our number, (303) 228-7999. We make it easy to get a hold of us by email as well. It’s Or fill out the contact form on any of our pages on the website.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have on the various types and styles of metal structures and buildings we have to offer. There is no dumb question and no small metal building project. We know there is a lot to consider and learn as you are making a switch to a metal garage, shed, barn, barndominium, hangar, or industrial building.  Our team has been handling the sales and construction of metal buildings for many years now and we have it down to a science. From the first time we talk and do a needs analysis, to the end of the project when your building is built and you are starting to use it, we want to be your advisor and consultant company so you can know you are making the best decision when it comes to your building needs.

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Step By Step Process

Since we service the entire state of Colorado, we wanted to have a process dialed in and in place so that someone in Durango gets the same process and service as someone in Denver. Or someone in Grand Juction, the same as someone in Pueblo. We want the process to feel as smooth and seamless and easy as possible. So here are the steps.

    1. When you call us, you’ll get one of our customer services and sales experts. They will walk you through the whole process from start to finish in purchasing and having your new metal building installed at your home, commercial, or industrial location

      2. We get you a no hassle, no obligation quote for your new building and anwer any questions you have.

          3. An on location meeting can also be arranged if need be so we can see the space and help with our quote.

            4. We schedule and set up the whole process of the install. That most likely will include doing a concrete slab before construction of the building. 

            5. Our contractors come out and build and erect your new metal building to the specifications that you and we have agreed upon.

            6. We work to make sure you are completely happy with your new building and that includes us showing up when we say we will, cleaning up the job site and leaving your space better than we found it. On time and on budget is how we like to operate.

            If this sounds like this might be a fit for you and what you are looking for, give us a call today at (303) 228-7999 to get the process started. We know you will be glad you chose to work with C&O Metal Structures in Colorado.


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