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Our team and C&O Metal Structures are professionals when it comes to metal structures and metal buildings. We got into this business because we know how strong and durable and even environmentally friendly a metal building is compared to a wood one. They are more environmentally friendly because they are recyclable, energy efficient, and generate much less waste. Not only that, but they are also typically cheaper than wood.

That is why this family business was created. To help the wonderful people of Colorado with all their metal structure needs. We saw a need, and an opportunity, and we stepped up to help. We can give you a free quote on the metal building that fits you best as well. Give us a call at (303) 228-7999 for your free estimate on not only the building material cost, but also a cost to get it installed and build correctly. Because it not only matters who you go with for the materials, but it matters who you use to build it. And we want to be your one stop shop.

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Metal Buildings We Offer

We’ve listed out what type of buildings we provide above, but thought we’d list them out here as well more specifically.

Metal Shed

Requiring virtually no maintenance compared to wood, metal sheds come in different sizes and shapes sometimes. And considering how much more secure they are compared to wood sheds, it makes monetary and useability sense to go with metal compared to wood.

Metal Barn

These can either be regular barns for storage use or they can be for storage and shelter use. Barndominiums are gaining popularity around the country and are a great way to add storage and living space that is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than wood.

Metal Garage

Garages made out of metal compared to wood are excellent for low maintenance options that will last for years and keep your cars and other storage items safe. They can even be coated to increase its resistance to rust and insects infestations.

Metal Hangar

Now we know that most of the population does not have an airplane lying around needing to be covered by a new hangar. We also know that there are a lot of airports and places that let you rent a hangar. However, if you are in need of having a new airplane hangar built to house a plane or other large vehicle(s), we are your go to team to talk to. We make sure and use the best concrete and anchors with the slab that the metal hangar is going on to make sure it lasts for years and years.

Metal Industrial

Built to stand firm and last long, if you have need of a metal building for your industry needs, please do not hesitate to call us. We use the best steel and other materials and the best craftsmanship to construct your industrial size and strength building. 

Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 goal at C&O Metal Structures. We service the entire state of Colorado and look forward to proving to you why we are the BEST metal building company to work with.

Get the ball rolling with a free, no hassle, no obligation consultation call at (303) 228-7999. We look forward to assisting you on your next metal structure project.

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